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Headway Consulting helps iGaming businesses, small or large, that are looking to enter, establish their presence or improve their overall performance in a highly complex and competitive market space.


If you need your company to better acquire and retain visitors, optimize and increase conversions, or grow your business’ overall productivity, we can help.  Our services range from evaluating your business practices, processes and systems to taking on a more practical and hands-on approach to help you meet your goals.


Businesses choose to work with us, because our purpose is to help our clients investigate the foundations of their business, uncover the underlying factors which might be overseen, and provide them with the know-how and tools to grow their marketing and operational success in an effective and efficient way.


With over 20 years of combined hands-on and global experience in the iGaming industry, we have managed to successfully service our clients by exposing and mending operational caveats and streamlining their businesses, leading to significant success and growth.

Online Gaming Consultant



Headway is a Boston-based consulting firm with profound experience in the iGaming industry. 

We specialize in devising and executing marketing and product strategies for gaming companies in regulated and emerging markets.




From forming your product and marketing strategy to streamlining tactical initiatives, we offer a wide range of marketing and operations services with expertise in all disciplines of online and offline marketing.






We have been fortunate to work on a variety of projects for very diverse clients. From world-famous gaming brands going online in regulated markets, to startups looking to establish their presence in the highly competitive European gaming scene - and everything in between. 


"...a reliable, trustworthy and professional adviser who came with a successful track record and industry leading experience." W. Steven, Golden Nugget


"Itsik is a dedicated and focused individual who knows the Online Gaming industry well. His work ethic is professional and reliable. He brings integrity to the table." C. Reyes, Pure Game


"You can't get better when it comes to evaluating your business, benchmarking your KPIs across geographical markets and working out a strategy to improve your bottom line profits." S. Attias, Hybrid Interaction

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